Acrylic is an instant and rapid technique for me, giving a wonderful texture, which will produce so many different results. In my paintings I’m fascinated by the similarity of acrylic texture to the embroidery, where I am weaving the matter of painting, weaving colors.

Deep Cove - Vancouver

Badlands 3

Lakeshore Twilight

Impression from Ruthven Park 02

An Abandoned House 2 - Halton

Still Life on Fabric's Patterns

Dragon Fruit

Blooming Tree

Eugenia Falls - The Top in Brown

Eugenia Falls - The Top in White

Tobermory Tempest - Lighthouse

Vancouver Beach

Evening on the escaprmpent in Beaver Valley

Red House in Beaver Valley, I

Georgian Bay

Badlands 1

Badlands 2

Badlands 4

Badlands 5


Impression from Ruthven Park 01

Impression from Ruthven Park 03

Barn in Beaver Valley


In The Park - 1

In The Park - 2

In The Park - 3

In The Park - 4


Before the Storm 1

Before the Storm 2

Blue Bird I

Blue Birds II

Eugenia Fall in Winter


Pasture in a way to Tobermory

Polish plainscape 1

Polish plainscape 2

Polish plainscape 3

Polish plainscape 4

Portrait of Andrea

Red House in Beaver Valley, III

The Forest in Beaver Valley 1

The Forest in Beaver Valley 2

The farm in Autumn

White peacock in sepia

White peacock in the gray

Winter Field in Beaver Valley