Oil technique is my first love and a safe haven of trusted technique. I like the job with a pallet knife and a dynamic brush stroke and trail. The oil is suitable for both quick and spontaneous work as well as longer contemplation and searching for harmony in the image.

Way back through Rocky Mountains

Eugenia Falls

Dusk reflection on the creek


Roses and Peonies

Rose in green vase


Albion Falls

DeCew Falls

Blue birds

Mrs Magda I

Mrs Magda II

Beaver Valley Spring in the Winter

Sunset in the Park

Old Abandoned House in Halton

Winter creek in Beaver Valley

Spring Thaw

Sunset at the Lakeshore

Beaver Valley in Winter

Flowers in white pot

Forest creek in Beavery Valley

Garden in the Spring

House in the Beaver Valley

House in the Beaver Valley

Luther Marsh in late summer

Rain forest

Stream in the park

Sunset in the garden

Sztola River National Park


Winter Sunset