Admiration of the beauty that surrounds me gives meaning to my life and action. I have experienced this feeling since I was young and I can gladly say that over the years, it is still blooming in me. As an artist, I try to transfer onto canvas, by means of colors and textures, brush, palette knife, pen or pencil all that fascinates me. Nature is my inspiration; whether it be the changing seasons, still life or portraits.

My works are in numerous private collections in Canada, Austria, France, Germany and Poland.

I’m a member of SCA, WAAH, Gallery X, Portage Group.

I hope you enjoy your stay on my website. If you’d like to commission a piece, reach out to me at

Orchid Di Ciomo Hippodomia

Orchid Di Ciomo Hippodomia II

Orchid Di Ciomo Patricia

Portrait of Novelette

Red Flamenco

Joffre Lake Intermission I

Joffre Lake Intermission III

Joffre Lake Intermission IV

Portrait in Red

In Wisteria Rain

Portrait of Andrea

Joffre Lake Intermission II

Joffre Lake Intermission V

Way back through Rocky Mountains

Lakeshore Twilight

Eugenia Falls

Deep Cove - Vancouver

Tobermory Storm

Impression from Ruthven Park 02

Roses and Peonies

Dragon Fruit

Vancouver Beach

Red House in Beaver Valley, I

Eugenia Fall in Winter


Red sunflower and blackberry

Sunset in the garden