Nature is the greatest inspiration for me. I really value outdoor painting. Out of necessity, the paintings are continued and finished in the studio, but I cherish capturing original inspiration resulting from direct contact with constant changes of plain air observations.

Joffre Lake Intermission I

Joffre Lake Intermission III

Joffre Lake Intermission IV

Joffre Lake Intermission II

Joffre Lake Intermission V

Way back through Rocky Mountains

Lakeshore Twilight

Eugenia Falls

Deep Cove - Vancouver


Badlands 3

Impression from Ruthven Park 02

An Abandoned House 2 - Halton

Blooming Tree

Albion Falls

Eugenia Falls - The Top in Brown

DeCew Falls

Eugenia Falls - The Top in White

Tobermory Tempest - Lighthouse

Vancouver Beach

Red House in Beaver Valley, I

Evening on the escaprmpent in Beaver Valley

Beaver Valley Spring in the Winter

Georgian Bay

Sunset in the Park

Old Abandoned House in Halton

Winter creek in Beaver Valley

Sunset at the Lakeshore

Spring Thaw

Badlands 1

Badlands 2

Badlands 4

Badlands 5

Impression from Ruthven Park 01

Impression from Ruthven Park 03

In The Park - 1

In The Park - 2

In The Park - 3

In The Park - 4

The orchad in the winter

Barn in Beaver Valley



Before the Storm 1

Before the Storm 2

Pasture in a way to Tobermory

Polish plainscape 1

Polish plainscape 2

Polish plainscape 3

Polish plainscape 4

Red House in Beaver Valley, III