Nature is the greatest inspiration for me. I really value outdoor painting. Out of necessity, the paintings are continued and finished in the studio, but I cherish capturing original inspiration resulting from direct contact with constant changes of plain air observations.

Joffre Lake Intermission I

Joffre Lake Intermission III

Joffre Lake Intermission IV

Joffre Lake Intermission II

Joffre Lake Intermission V

Way back through Rocky Mountains

Lakeshore Twilight

Eugenia Falls

Deep Cove - Vancouver

Tobermory Storm

Badlands 3

Impression from Ruthven Park 02

An Abandoned House 2 - Halton

Blooming Tree

Tobermory Tempest - Lighthouse

Vancouver Beach

Red House in Beaver Valley, I

Old Abandoned House in Halton

Sunset at the Lakeshore

Badlands 1

Badlands 2

Badlands 4

Badlands 5

Impression from Ruthven Park 01

Impression from Ruthven Park 03

The orchad in the winter

Red House in Beaver Valley, III